Music Programme

Please download the complete Music programme (pdf) here

QMUL Concert Tuesday Morning

Tue, 19 Jun 2012, 10:00-11:15
Performance Lab (QMUL)

  • TRAVELOG # 1 - Nuit bleue - for 4-channel sound and video
    Claudia Robles Angel
  • l'espace entre les souvenirs, for 8-channel sound
    Ursula Meyer-Koenig
  • for steps that grow when climbed, for 4-channel sound
    Scott Barton
  • Reconstruction, for 8-channel sound
    Ariadna Alsina
  • Mechanics of Love, 8-channel sound and video
    Laura Beaumont & Martin Morrell 

New Resonances Festival Concert 1

Tue, 19 Jun 2012, 20:00-22:00
Wilton's Music Hall

  • d'Amore, for viola and magnetic resonator piano / Andrew McPherson
    Bridget Carey, viola
  • Fantasy, for magnetic resonator piano / Jeff Snyder
    Lola Perrin, piano
  • Libby with MuSA_RT for piano and live tonal visualisation / Larsen/Chew/François
    Music from Libby Larsen's Penta Metrics
    Elaine Chew, piano / mathematical model
    Alexandre François, software development


  • Mozart Reloaded, for piano and computer / Eduardo Miranda
    Lola Perrin, piano
  • Isaac with Mimi, interactive improvisation for pianist and computer / Isaac Schankler
    Alexandre François
    Mimi: Multi-modal Interaction for Musical Improvisation
    Designed by Alexandre François with input from Isaac Schankler, Dennis Thurmond and Elaine Chew
    Isaac Schankler, piano
    Alexandre François, software development

New Resonances Festival Concert 2

Wed, 20 Jun 2012, 20:00-22:00
Wilton's Music Hall

  • Responsorium, for soprano and computer / Akira Takaoka
    Amanda Morrison, soprano
  • Cycling, for amplified flute / Panayiotis Kokoras
    Carla Rees, flute
  • Livecell, for flute, clarinet, violin and cello with live score generation / Kingsley Ash & Nikos Stavropoulos
    Carla Rees, flute
    Douglas Mitchell, clarinet
    Hilary Sturt, violin
    Ian Pressland, cello
    Kingsley Ash, computer
  • Rapsodia, for violin and electroacoustics / Lidia Zielinska
    Hilary Sturt, violin


  • Tratado de imágenes, for violin, clarinet, piano and video / Iñigo Giner Miranda
    Hilary Sturt, violin
    Douglas Mitchell, clarinet
    Iñigo Giner Miranda, piano
  • Lady Grey Experience, improvisation for ensemble and audiovisuals / Lennie/Rosales/Romeo
    Matías Lennie Bruno, electric guitar
    Eliana Rosales, cello
    Ernesto Romeo, synths

New Resonances Festival Concert 3

Fri, 22 Jun 2012, 19:00-22:00
Wilton's Music Hall

  • Atmospheric Railway, for dancer and computer / Di Mainstone & Adam Stark
    Hollie Miller, dancer
    Adam Stark, computer
  • Light and Sharpness, for 4-channel sound / Amanda Stuart
  • Time will tell, for 4-channel sound / Azumi Yokomizo
  • Slim Jim Choker, a recital in ten parts for speaker and interactive typewriter / Butch Rovan & Lucky Leone
    Lucky Leone, narrator
    Butch Rovan, interactive typewriter


  • Construction in Zhuangzi, for live audiovisuals / Ryo Ikeshiro
    Ryo Ikeshiro, audiovisuals
  • VoXP: Interactive Vocal Improvisation + Mood Conductor, for 4 singers and audience / Jamali/Adrione/Biaba/Trouilloud/Barthet/Fazekas/Georgi
    Sarah Jamali, voice
    Claire Trouilloud, voice
    Hervé Andrione, voice
    Landry Biaba, voice
    Mathieu Barthet, George Fazekas, Matthias Georgi, computers

Interval 2

  • BBT + Future Drums + Guests, Classic blues/rock set featuring augmented drumsticks with wireless technology / Medjane/Boro/Niagara/Kronland-Martinet/Gondre
    Farid Medjane, drums, vocals
    Daniel Boro, guitar, vocals,
    Niagara, bass, vocals
    Richard Kronland-Martinet, Charles Gondre, computers


Media Installations

Wilton’s Music Hall
Ongoing throughout CMMR week

Re:****Sitruuna ja meduusa

Merja Nieminen & James Andean

An audiovisual installation by visual artist Merja Nieminen and sound artist James Andean. The installation constructs a 'live' dynamic system, comprised of projected 3D graphics and projected sound, creating a virtual environment or ecosystem which changes and evolves in real-time. It explores the capacity of the spectator to create relationships – to build worlds – from multiple sensory information.

Cor Cordis

Clare Cullen & Evan Morgan

Installation using wireless, wearable bio-sensors for interactive sonification and visualisation of processed physiological data. Up to four participants are asked to wear wireless sensor devices to monitor their heart rate and respiratory movements. This physiological data is processed in real-time to explore the dynamics of emotional and physiological covariance between participants during collaborative performance. This information is then mapped to a light sculpture which responds with real-time changes in light and sound, providing feedback to the audience and the performers.

Sound Mapping London Tea Houses / G.Hack

Nela Brown, Ilze Black, Alice Clifford, Kavin Preethi Narasimhan, Nicola Plant

An interactive tabletop installation that invites visitors to navigate London through its contemporary tea culture. The soundscape recordings of different tea houses, made by members of G.Hack, are mapped to 33 London boroughs. By placing a technology enhanced glass teapot onto one of the boroughs, the soundscape from the corresponding tea house is played. The installation uses reacTIVision software to track the movement of the glass teapot. The map of London boroughs is constructed in Illustrator and made interactive in Processing, while corresponding sounds are driven by the interaction between reacTIVision and Max/MSP.

Musical Ping Pong Bat

Mathieu Barthet, Tadas Sasnauskas, Adam Whitfield

The first ever Musical Ping Pong Bat will be showcased in Wilton's Green Room letting table tennis players become music conductors in a mixed reality game.