New Resonances CMMR 2012 Music Festival

Queen Mary University of London and Wilton's Music Hall are very pleased to present as part of the 9th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval (CMMR 2012) the festival New Resonances: Music, Machines and Emotions.

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New Resonances: Music, Machines and Emotions

New Resonances: Music, Machines and Emotions is a series of three concerts and media installations at Wilton's Music Hall that are part of the CMMR 2012 conference held at Queen Mary University of London (8pm on 19th and 20th June 2012, and 7pm on 22nd June 2012).

The concerts present some of the first performances of new works and installations made possible by scientific advances. Featured in the concerts are "augmented" musical instruments that extend traditional playing techniques, avant garde mash-ups of well-known Mozart piano sonatas, computer-generated music and visuals for improvisation, live performance with experimental films, music inspired by Paul Klee's paintings, real-time composition using touch-screens, performances involving audience feedback and directions using Twitter and web applications, dance choreographies with wearable interactive instruments, as well as new drum interfaces for rock live performance.

The media installations include immersive audiovisual environments using 3D graphics, sonifications and visualisations of emotional responses from wearable bio-sensors, an interactive sonic journey in London tea houses, as well as new and surprising ways of playing ping-pong.


Most of the pieces rely on new approaches which explore the technologies of the modern age to develop innovative instrumental practices. Some pieces are inspired by traditional chamber music and "concrète" music, others by hip-hop, blues, and rock. Technology such as mash-up, bleaching and denoising let composers recycle recorded performances and transform them creating new art forms.

The festival will feature music in the following areas: contemporary instrumental chamber music, computer music, algorithmic score generation, electroacoustic music, "Concrète" music, music for visuals, visuals for music, dance performance, improvised music, vocal music, and blues/rock.


New Resonances is opened to CMMR 2012 delegates and to a public audience of all ages. A large part of the audience will be discovering previously unheard performances and installations, made possible by scientific advances. It is an event that promises to attract both a young crowd and adults who wish to discover new forms of music and learn more about the forefront of music informatics research, not only from the listening and visual experience itself, but also from possible interactions with researchers and artists, within the context of interactive installations, for instance. It will be a unique moment gathering distinguished international composers and performers coming from countries as diverse as Argentina, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, and Japan.


Registration to the CMMR 2012 conference include tickets for the New Resonances CMMR 2012 / Wilton's festival (see the Registration page). Additional tickets for accompanying persons can also be bought during online registration.

Tickets for the festival can also be bought from the Wilton's Music Hall website.


19th, 20th and 22nd June 2012 at Wilton's Music Hall